Colours and parts of the body (Pokemons)

Hello everyone!

I made these worksheets to help my students with lower capacities to learn basic concepts like colours and parts of the body, using Pokemons to increase their interest and motivation towards learning.

I hope you find them useful. If you like it, please comment and let me know, it'll make my day ;)

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English Pokemons

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Pili said...

Hi Mary! I'm an English teacher too. These worksheets are great! You did a good job, congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Hi, soi edu, solo le dire una sugerencia para el apartado de pokemon(me encantan los pokemon)sobre un juego online ke se llama pokemon indigo, esta muy bien y pensé ke seria una buena idea...solo pensaba , ke konste

Anonymous said...

hello teacher!que chulo lo de pokemon no es que me guste esque lo he puesto para verlo y me ha salido eso bay bay mañana nos vemos
by miriam

Anonymous said...

bay bay teacher by miriam