Doraemon and Sponge Bob (making comparatives)

Hi again! My students are making a great job with comparatives. They learn very quickly and are doing lots of extra-job to practise at home. 

Here you have two ppt made by Miriam, 5ºE. 
As I told you before, you're a hard-worker! You're doing it great! And the best point is that she made these ppt voluntarily.

Nice job and very imaginative!

(¡Hola de nuevo! Mis alumnos están haciendo un trabajo genial con los comparativos. Aprenden muy rápido y están haciendo muchos trabajos extras para practicar en casa.

Aquí os dejo dos presentaciones hechas por Miriam, de 5ºE. 
Como te he dicho ¡eres una trabajadora nata! ¡Lo estás haciendo genial! Y lo mejor es que ha hecho estos trabajos de forma voluntaria.

¡Buen trabajo y  muy original!)

presentacion bob esponja

presentacion doraemon
Thanks Miriam! I like them a lot!

Bye bye! Come again soon!

Some music for young learners!

Hi kids! 

Here you have some of the songs you asked me for. Hope you enjoy them! You can listen to them and sing them at the same time! This is a great way to learn English while having fun!

(¡Hola niños! Aquí tenéis algunas de las canciones que me habéis pedido. Espero que las disfruteís. ¡Podéis escucharlas y cantarlas a la vez! ¡Es una buena forma de aprender inglés mientras nos divertimos!)

Miriam 5ºE- Shakira- Gypsy.

Marina 5º E- A year without rain- Selena Gómez
(Os animo a que traduzcáis la letra, ¡es preciosa!

Rocío 5º E Send it on

These songs are very romantic, aren't they?


The English exam is next week! Study!

See you next week!

Have a nice weekend!

The Simpson Family (by one of my students)

Hi! I'm here again just to show you one presentation made by one of my students.

(Hola, estoy aquí de nuevo para enseñar a todos una presentación hecha voluntariamente por uno de mis alumnos).

Thanks, José Antonio A.L 5ºA

Bye! Come again soon!

Comparative of adjectives (short and long adjectives)

Hi everyone! 

In our class we are studying the comparative form of short and long adjectives.
Let's remember how to form it:

Short adjectives:

- We add -ER to the adjective, which must be followed by the particle "than".

Example: José Luís is taller than Carmen.

- When the adjective ends with CVC, we duplicate the final consonant and add -er to the adjective.
Example: Spain is bigGer than Portugal.

- When the adjective ends with "y", it becomes "i" and we add -er.
Example: Tom is happier than Hannah.

Long adjectives:

We add "more" before the adjective, followed by the particle "than".

Example: Lisa is more intelligent than Bart.


Have a look at this presentation. Write comparative sentences and check.


Write the comparative of these adjectives. Click HERE.


A very easy exercise. Click HERE. 

More exercises! Click HERE.


Find the correct answer. To play this game, click HERE. 

This is a more difficult game, but you can try it! Hangman! Click HERE,

 Bye! Come again soon!


Hi again! 

These are some worksheets I designed for my students with lower abilities about hobbies. They are very easy and help them to work in a more autonomous way.

Hope you find them useful. If you do, feed my blog with your comments, it'll make my day =)

As always, click on PRINT.

(All the images have been taken from the internet)

More students' works

I'm really impressed by the great job you're doing! I would like to thank you for your great effort.

Would you like to see some of my students' works? Then, have a look at them!

(Pincha en "FULLSCREEN" para verlos más grandes)

Juan 5ºA

Juan Antonio 5ºA
Juan Antonio 5ºA

José Antonio A.R 5ºA


Antonio 5ºA

Bye! Come again soon!